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  • On the Facepage


Yea if you haven’t noticed already, I’m MIA. Taking a hiatus from the humor blog here to explore some other avenues of expression including: photos, writing for a music blog, and, most importantly, actually having a life outside of the internet. Crazy right? I’ll be back eventually, but don’t wait up. You can contact me … Continue reading

B&N for S&M? Barnes and Noble Gets Dirty in the Kids Section

As I continue to grow into this world I am starting to find that fewer and fewer things surprise me. Bum pissing on a corner in the middle of a busy sidewalk? That’s my morning commute. Old naked dude “leaning” against a poll? That’s any park on the weekend. Duck walking down the street with … Continue reading

Heart Attack Part Deux: WTF AMERICA?

You may or may not (probably not) have read my little rant on a dude having a heart attack while eating the triple bypass burger at the aptly named “Heart Attack Grill” so it should come as no surprise that I religiously follow stupid news. Well guess what people, the stupid just got STUPIDER (I’m also a … Continue reading

Stage 1: Bliss

A white wall stands opposite a row of large glass windows through which the sun shines as bright as a fluorescent light. A small door can be seen at the end of the hallway, so far away it appears miniature. Silence permeates the air as the view moves slowly towards the door. Without warning, a woman bursts … Continue reading

Because Ninjas Like to Get High Too

Why else do you think they ate all that pizza? Anyways, this is what happens when you spend down-time reading the “news”. Last time it was someone having a heart attack at the “Heart Attack Grill”, this time it’s stoner ninjas. I don’t even want to know what comes next. I found this “bud”ding story … Continue reading

Lost: Everything

What are we doing? I live my life like I live my dreams, under the veil of control and the illusion of reality. Individual destiny is as relative in usefulness as a single snowflake in an avalanche of indifference. Easy to live and easier to forget, I trudge on through a landscape that changes only … Continue reading

When Fatty Food Gets Ironic: Heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill

Ok so since the beginning of this blog you all have experienced almost 100% original kluckit material, painstakingly planned out in time that could be counted in minutes, bad jokes, and/or calories. Well my friends, that turned out to be too much. In an effort to stop disappearing for months at a time you may … Continue reading

Urban Jungle – Paradise

Paradise, a photo by Pachanic on Flickr. Wow have I been MIA. Lot’s of life changes are keeping me from writing. Look for something more along a photoblog in the future. For now I just wanted to introduce a new series called Urban Jungle that focuses on bringing out nature from deep within the city.

Raging Bull, Sitting Stoner

  Welcome one and all to the first kluckit kaption. The premise is simple: find a picture and make fun of people. Feel free to add yours below.   1. “Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!”   Yes, this is certainly gnar, possibly rad, and depending on which part of Cali you’re from (cuz you’re clearly a Cali bro) it could … Continue reading

Dream to be Free

What a rush. The world stands still as the soul separates itself from its shackles and soars towards the heavens, channeling Orvilles and Wilburs as the breeze ripples its embodiment in joyous applause, weightless and buoyant in pious freedom whose purity is matched only by those who dared not to dream. Fading glimmers on a … Continue reading