Lost: Everything

What are we doing? I live my life like I live my dreams, under the veil of control and the illusion of reality. Individual destiny is as relative in usefulness as a single snowflake in an avalanche of indifference. Easy to live and easier to forget, I trudge on through a landscape that changes only … Continue reading

When Fatty Food Gets Ironic: Heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill

Ok so since the beginning of this blog you all have experienced almost 100% original kluckit material, painstakingly planned out in time that could be counted in minutes, bad jokes, and/or calories. Well my friends, that turned out to be too much. In an effort to stop disappearing for months at a time you may … Continue reading

Urban Jungle – Paradise

Paradise, a photo by Pachanic on Flickr. Wow have I been MIA. Lot’s of life changes are keeping me from writing. Look for something more along a photoblog in the future. For now I just wanted to introduce a new series called Urban Jungle that focuses on bringing out nature from deep within the city.