Lost: Everything

What are we doing?

I live my life like I live my dreams, under the veil of control and the illusion of reality. Individual destiny is as relative in usefulness as a single snowflake in an avalanche of indifference. Easy to live and easier to forget, I trudge on through a landscape that changes only at the will of a soul fed by malcontent, stuck in a world that means everything while containing everything but meaning.

It’s here that we settle for vices of our own creation to satisfy the curiosity that both propels and drowns us; it’s here that I lie awake at nights dreaming of the day that I will finally awake.


3 Responses to “Lost: Everything”
  1. Leslie Madsen says:

    KJK, did you take this excellent photo?? Really reflective, hope all is well.

  2. tsonoda148 says:

    Amazing, reflective thought. You said what I was thinking. How did you do that? Amazing! And the photos? Awesome. Thanks for making my Sunday much better, Kluck.

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