Urban Jungle – Paradise

Paradise by Pachanic
Paradise, a photo by Pachanic on Flickr.

Wow have I been MIA. Lot’s of life changes are keeping me from writing. Look for something more along a photoblog in the future.

For now I just wanted to introduce a new series called Urban Jungle that focuses on bringing out nature from deep within the city.

5 Responses to “Urban Jungle – Paradise”
  1. hmunro says:

    Haa! How ironic is it that I posted a comment just this morning, saying that I’ve missed you? Welcome back, Kluckmeister. I look forward to following your new adventures in the Urban Jungle.

    • kluckmeister says:

      Must be a sixth sense. Trying to get back into it. Has been too long. You will enjoy that in my writing absence I’ve been taking lots of pics with my new Nikon. I’ll try to get more of them up here.

  2. Leslie Madsen says:

    Would like to see some camping photos…..also wanna send you some hiking maps for the SF and N Calif area

  3. Good to hear you’re not totally AWOL.

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