The 50 Piece McNugget

I took this out of my blog about Vegas to make it a separate post for my food category.

After the Stratosphere we were pumped up with adrenaline so I decided to call Jerrod’s bluff. He had been telling me non-stop since we arrived that Vegas was the only place in the world where McDonalds sold 50 piece McNuggets. We had tried to check this out the night before (well actually earlier that morning since it was 6am) but the regular menu had been removed for the breakfast menu (duh). After another loooong walk back towards the strip (remind me never to stay at the Stratosphere) we made it to McDonalds and my eyes lit up like the Christmas lights of “that guy” on the block that always has to outdo everyone else’s decorations in the state (or maybe he just hates electricity and wants to kill it all who knows). At the moment I HAD to pay the $10 just on principle. Who else can say they bought (and subsequently entered into a self proclaimed contest to finish) a 50 piece McNugget ON their birthday in VEGAS? Again I have to preface this story by saying neither Hunter, Jerrod nor I like McDonalds chicken nuggets. In fact, we dislike them very much. They look like they’ve been shaped by cookie cutters from walmart to depict an odd-shaped cartoon leg (foot included) and a shape that looks eerilee similar to a chicken egg (maybe in an effort to subliminally convince you what you’re eating IS in fact chicken). So needless to say Hunter and Jerrod were not very excited about my coining of “the 50 piece McNugget Challenge” (Copyright pending. Ronald McDonald if you want this slogan I will need royalties).

THE CHALLENGE: Some of you might have noticed that there are were odd number of people (3) trying to eat an even odder number of nuggets (50) and you may have asked, “How many nuggets did each of you have to eat?” To that I say, good question reader. Luckily for us, we had a math major in our midst (Hunter). We decided that the fairest way was to have two people eat 17 McNuggets and the last person eat 16 (which was ultimately decided to be Jerrod since he complained so much we just wanted to shut him up). I have to say it did not get off to a great start. I was hoping that all of the nuggets would come out in one big box (so I could take a picture and post it here). However, as many people have done before me, I overestimated McDonalds. Instead of one big box the nuggets came out in 5, 10 piece nugget boxes. Lame. Although some of the allure and granduer was lost, we continued with the challenge. Hunter took the early shift covering his 10 piece before I was even halfway through mine. It was about that time that he and Jerrod started making fun of me saying that it was my idea and I was barely eating. Well they would EAT their words (inbetween mouths of what I hope was chicken meat). My strategy of slow and steady paid off and the time I hit 12 nugs Hunter and Jerrod looked like they were about McPuke. I finished my McQuota of 17 nuggets and watched the guys struggle. With constant poking and prodding from me in which I complained that this was the only bday present I wanted from them, they slowly inched their way through.

Unfortunately it was not to be. We couldn’t tell how the individual nugget count went but I’m willing to bet Hunter had a few more than J-Rod. Overall we came 4 short of our goal. A dissapointing result but probably for the best because within thirty minutes of finishing I took one of the biggest McPoops of my life.

12 Responses to “The 50 Piece McNugget”
  1. tsonoda148 says:

    OMG, rolling here. I live in Las Vegas and did not know about this 50 piece McNugget offer. Think I’ll pass, though. Love your blog. Please do keep writing, as you are on my personal reading list now. (Ok, that’s probably not much of a reason to keep writing……….in fact, makes me sound a bit like a snob……..but, whatever, just keep writing!). Loved all of it, but this one word had me in stitches:
    “Instead of one big box the nuggets came out in 5, 10 piece nugget boxes. Lame.”
    Loved the LAME.
    Ok I’ve gushed enough about you. Thanks for blogging, and also thanks for stopping by my blog. Best wishes to you in LA!

    • kluckmeister says:

      Thanks Terri!

      Plenty more to come soon. I am in the process of switching sites so I have a few more already written that I will post in the coming week. Then after that I have enough adventures planned to last me a month!


  2. unabridgedgirl says:

    50 pieces?!? Geez. That’s crazy (and gross). The fact that you got through your challenge is pretty amazing. There’s no way I could eat one, let alone 17. I thoroughly dislike McDonalds.

  3. boundandgags says:

    Damn, Kevin, you sure know how to make your birthday memorable.

    At least until the next morning.

    Then you wish for amnesia.

    Great story!

  4. Grey Goose Dirty On The Rocks says:

    You stopped by my blog (even though I teased you with promises of donuts – HA – sucker!), so thought I’d swing by yours ….. I think I may even add you to my blogroll – whooopee!

    Now, you don’t strike me as being naive enough to actually believe that said McMysteryNuggets contain more than a trace of actual chicken …… that being said, pretty hysterical challenge and I can’t believe you lame-asses stopped short by 4! Not 14, not 10, but a measly 4! (I may have to re-think that blogroll thing)

    I’m sure you’ll get ’em next time …… you’re like wordpress’ own version of Andrew Zimmer, huh?

    ~ E

    • kluckmeister says:

      Of course not! I actually researched the ingredients of McNuggets but decided not to put the link in the blog for all of your sake. Believe me I was bummed too but I think 18 McNuggets is a lethal dose…

      The food guy? Yea I guess I’m a mix between him, Man vs. Food and a terrible stand-up comic.

      Thanks for the blogroll! I will try not to let you down on the upcoming challenges (definitely didn’t on the one pound burger!)

  5. mct88 says:

    Haha. This is hilarious. I’m going to have to check out this 50 mc nugget deal!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, btw.

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