To the Unnamed Soldier

Go die for me. Go die for me to put me at ease. If you don’t die, consider yourself dead. It’s the only way to cope with my goal. When you return, if you return, don’t expect a grand welcome. You did your job, my job. Be thankful that we gave you that. Now be like the rest of us, just like the rest of us. What you have seen and experienced is lost, what you have gained is an illusion. Once your clothes are like ours, you will be just like us. Another face, in another place. One far from which you imagined. One far from which you died for.

If only you knew. If only we knew. We’ve spent so long hiding under the blanket that we believe protects us. Not all in vain, for protect it does, from which it doesn’t want us to see. We are disrespectful because we don’t know. Your life was our ideal which they made sure did not become more. If only we knew, and if only you knew.

Despite our protections we are human, and as human we are bound to compassion, one deeper than any other animal known. Those that stand up for the rest of us, for an ideal we take for granted, are nothing less than heroes. We pretend like you are mortal, yet you are immortalized in our minds and hearts.

You do not know my name, nor I yours, but that is not what defines us. You were there when I needed you most, and you where there when no one else would stand up for me. You are our passion. You are our goal. You are life defined. So much so that you exist beyond life and belief, a living legend among those who cannot comprehend. Please do not tire, please do not dismay, please do not give up. We will never forget. I promise.


“Here rests, in honored glory, a comrade in arms known but to God.”

3 Responses to “To the Unnamed Soldier”
  1. tsonoda148 says:

    So beautiful. I’m moved to tears. Important words that are not articulated nearly enough.

  2. hmunro says:

    Have I told you lately how much I *love* your serious side?

    As an avowed pacifist, I still struggle with the concept of fighting for peace. But it’s also impossible for me to turn a blind eye to the men (and women) who are sacrificing their lives to protect the ideals that so many of us hold dear. Thank you for reminding me that those sacrifices are still happening … and for reminding me that — in the end — we’re all human, bound by compassion and love.

    PS: Why are we not yet Facebook friends? Look for the Heather Munro with the footwear malfunction, and please “friend” me. 🙂

  3. kluckmeister says:

    Thanks. At least that makes two people who enjoy the serious stuff. My writing is turning that direction so buckle up.

    @hmunro – you mean the club feet? My facebook link is on the homepage 😉

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