The Ultimate Search

A simple touch, a devious look, a subtle smile.
Hair flowing like beams of golden light, forcefully destroying darkness and fear.
Mysterious, intriguing, exhilarating.

The rest of the world melts away as the tunnel focuses on the inviting eyes that reach deep into the heart, daring it to ignore logic and let impulse guide it through an impossible journey reserved only for tales that fairies use to lull their children to sleep.

In one moment, everything works.
One becomes one and two take control of destiny,
commanding it to surrender to illogical will.

Definitions are erased,
boundaries lost,
categories undefined.

The souls want nothing more than to break free from their constraints and dance towards the heavens, stopping only to play in the clouds. Questions of how and why become meaningless. No future or direction, only the present.

A destination filled with euphoria and enlightenment, previously thought unattainable.

So close it shivers,
so close it feels,
so close.

Reality beckons.
A string is pulled.
Unwilling departure facilitated by doubt and disbelief.

A century compressed.
Barriers returned, separated by bottomless crevasses.
Questions emerge, unanswerable.

A perfect moment painted in a gallery of millions.
Lost but not forgotton.
Relived only as a shadow of the truth.

Nothing matters but the pursuit to refill,
and so the journey begins…

4 Responses to “The Ultimate Search”
  1. tsonoda148 says:

    Kluck, this was so beautiful, I have no words. You filled up my senses with this. I am humbled at your sensitivity and compassion. Such talent from one so young! Simply lovely. Quite amazing. I’m printing this one off for keeping. You should be published, my friend.


  2. Classic says:

    This post is incredibly deep. Have you considered writing a novel?

  3. Steven Kluck says:

    So close, and yet so far. How many times must one refill until fullness is attained? With what can the thirst of the soul be quenched? Surely sensuality is not enough. Not even the most profound human connection can satisfy the deep longings of the human heart.
    What if things could be alright for more than but a moment? What if the shadow of truth could be traced back to discover a greater Truth? What if the ultimate Answer could be apprehended through a beautiful synergy of logic and faith? And what if a new journey could begin, one where darkness and fear have already been destroyed, where peace rules and joy thrives?

    “God is light, and in Him there is no darkness” -1 John 1:5

    “God is love… There is no fear in love, but perfect love cast out fear.” -1 John 4:16,18

    • kluckmeister says:

      Without the desire to refill this piece loses its power as it is written as an exploration of human connection. In my mind this desire can be quenched in the physical world as long as one has the patience. The desire is such a powerful one that many rush to fill the void through various mediums that only exacerbate or distract from the problem. The journey is half the fun as long as you understand it for what it is.

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