Guestblog Challenge: Coming Soon to a State Fair Near You!

Alright everyone, you all already know how I feel about crazy food: it’s better when it’s fried. Some of my favorite food moments of the year came from last year’s LA County fair where I was lucky enough to sample chocolate covered bacon, fried oreo’s, fried pb&j, a fried klondike bar, and, my all-time personal “everyone must try” food of all time, a fried snickers bar.

I recently came across this article in MSN’s food section and, in an effort to spread my love of these culinary creations, decided to share with you the latest and greatest food concotions coming to a state fair near you! I challenge you to spend the $15 entry fee and taste as many of these treats as you can and then come back and report to me. You heard me right, this is a guest blog challenge! Eat it, write it, and I’ll post it. Sorry let me try that again: eat it, down a bottle of pepto-bismol, sulk on your couch for an entire day while your body tries to sweat the extra cholesterol out of you, feign an injury to avoid work, then write it, stop to gag while writing, then send it to me.



Utah State Fair: Deep-fried Peanut-Butter-and-Jelly
Salt Lake City, September 8-18

Your childhood fav combined with your adulthood dream. So good you’ll wish your mom packed these for you when you were younger.


Kansas State Fair: Pickle Pop
Hutchinson, Sep. 9-18

It’s probably just a pickle on a stick… sorry to burst your bubble.


Massachusetts State Fair: Fried Jelly Beans
West Springfield, Sep. 16-Oct. 2

Stay away from the popcorn ones. Those already taste like puke. I wonder if they had these at magic fairs in Harry Potter? Anyone? Anyone? Nerds? Nevermind…

Hawaii State Fair: Chicken-Fried Bacon
Wailuku, Sep. 29-Oct. 2

This could possible be the best and worst thing in the world. I think KFC should re-think their double-down.


Oklahoma State Fair: Deep-Fried Mashed Potatoes on a Stick
Tulsa, Sep. 29-Oct. 9

I mean seriously Oklahoma. You are crazy. In a good way.


Texas State Fair: Last year’s Big Tex winner, Fried Beer, and this year’s entries
Dallas, Sep. 30-Oct. 23

The holy grail of food. It will feed your hunger while getting you drunk. Does it get any better?

Mississippi State Fair: Krispy Kreme Hamburgers
Jackson, October 5 – 16

This could be the greatest food invention since the fried snickers. Get your sweatpants out kids, I’m havin a triple.


South Carolina State Fair: Fried Pepsi
Columbia, Oct. 12-23

If Pepsi was the nectar of the gods, then fried Pepsi is the nector of the…


North Carolina State Fair: Kool-Aid Pickles
Raleigh, Oct. 13-23

I’m not sure what is it with people and pickles. They’re fun for about a bite. This one was probably just dunked in kool-aid.


Arizona State Fair: Mealworm-Covered Caramel Apples
Phoenix, Oct. 14-Nov. 6

Because everyone from Arizona is essentially a woodpecker.

Arkansas State Fair: Deep-Fried Egg on a Stick
Little Rock, Oct. 14-23

Apparently Hulk Hogan used to take 20 of these, blend them up, then pour them all over his chest while he worked out.


Louisiana State Fair: Pizza on a Stick
Shreveport, Oct. 27-Nov. 6

Pizza is already hard enough to eat with two hands. Put it on a stick? Yea… right…


Florida State Fair: Cheeseburger Topped with Fried Ice Cream
(see featured pic for this post)
Tampa, Feb. 9-20, 2012

This is the winner in my book. Anyone who goes and eats this will get a personal, hand-written note of congratulations from me. Spoiler alert- my handwriting sucks.

So there you have it people. Send this out to all of your friends and get your hearts and your lipitor ready and indulge in the best deadly sin there is: gluttony!


Also: Check out these ones that you just missed!

Alaska State Fair: Reindeer Sausage
Palmer, Aug. 25-Sep. 5

Seriously people. How else do you think Santa and his elves make it through those harsh North Pole winters?

Minnesota State Fair: Spaghetti and Meatballs on a Stick
Falcon Heights, Aug. 25-Sep. 5



New York State Fair: Kangaroo Spiedies
Syracuse, Aug. 25-Sep. 5


Oregon State Fair: Roadkill (not actual roadkill, but fried dough made to resemble it)
Salem, Aug. 26-Sep. 5



3 Responses to “Guestblog Challenge: Coming Soon to a State Fair Near You!”
  1. hmunro says:

    I didn’t take any photos of ’em, but I mightily enjoyed the fried pickles at the Minnesota State Fair on Monday. Didn’t have the stomach to try the fried fruit or the ostrich on a stick, though. Maybe next year.

    BTW: That picture of the ice cream cheeseburger at the very top of your post makes me wanna hork. 🙂

  2. Moe says:

    Wisconsin state fair was in August, but in addition to several of the yummy foods you mentioned, they have one of my favorites-deep fried smores on a stick!!!!! It was awesome! They also had the fried beer. Looked gross. Deep fried reuben on a stick was a rather tasty entry.

    p.s. I prefer Maalox to pepto :~)

  3. We just got a restaurant called the Fat Shack. My roommate said they have a sandwich that includes the following:

    12 inches of bread
    Philly cheese steak
    Chicken fingers
    french fries
    jalepeno poppers
    mozzarella cheese sticks

    The whole thing is covered in Cheeze Whiz. The featured food challenge is eating three of them within a half an hour without vomiting and you win a prize. I’m pretty sure that prize is “obesity.”

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