My Pilgrimage from LA to NY to Eat the New York Pizza Burger (pt 1)

Where were you when Michael Jackson died? What were you doing when Obama was elected president? When something big happens people always remember where they were when they heard the news. My moment was no different. I will never forget the moment at work when I read the press release concerning burger king’s new food concoction, the BK Pizza Burger.

If you have read my post about the one pound burger challenge then you will know I’m kind of a burger fanatic. Needless to say, I was instantly intrigued and determine to have a Pizza Burger with my friends. I mean pizza toppings on a burger? Come on. How could I not? I immediately posted a facebook status looking for burgermates. The response was epic. Friends of all ages jumped on board. People I hardly knew became soldiers in arms as we all shared and reveled in the same pie shaped, blood thickening dream. The excitement was unbearable and the anticipation built quickly. But then there was Moe.

Of course my excitement got the best of me. I had posted my burgermate ad without even reading the whole press release. A quick search from the fun and responsible Aunt proved to me that there was only one place to go get said burger. A place where the streets are dirty, the cabs rule the road, and the rats run rampant at night. To achieve my destiny and find my holy grail of burgers I would have to make one of the longest pilgrimages in the United States. I had to check to make sure it was true. It was. Lo and behold, the pizza burger was only available in the BK Bar in Times Square, NY. Maybe that’s why they called it the “NEW YORK Pizza Burger”. Fail.

My first thought was “No. It can’t be.” After hours of excitement my less than a day old dream was teetering the fine line of extinction. Most would let it end there. I for some reason couldn’t let it go. No matter how new the dream or how weird the subject, I knew that this was a story that fit perfectly with my new life in LA and the purpose of my blog. I sat there for a few moments, staring 2,462 miles through my computer screen, debating the possibilities. A day and a phone call later I booked my round trip plane ticket to NY.

I have to at least inform you now (before you think I’m completely crazy) that the Pizza Burger was not my sole reason for visiting NY. I happen to know one of the most barfingly cute engaged couples east of the Mississippi. Pete and Kathryn both left Boulder to spend a year in NY before returning home to get married. I hadn’t seen them in what seemed like forever and Pete was having a tough time dealing with the combined estrogen of his fiancé and their two female roommates and their little awesome female dog. That’s just too much estrogen for Pete’s sake (get it?)! I made the executive decision that some male companionship (yes it’s exactly like it sounds) and a Pizza Burger would raise Pete’s testosterone back to an acceptable level that would sustain him until his bachelor party.

I would write about all of my fun experiences in NY but it would take too long to read. The short version goes like this: plane, train, beer, byob Indian food (bottle of soco), Kashcow, annoyingly blunt Peter, sleep, museum of modern art, museum of sex (this will get its own blog post later), beer, football (the European kind), beer, lead writer for Law & Order SVU, pretending it was my bday, free bday shots, people figuring out it wasn’t my bday, buying shots, food, sleep, NY Pizza Burger, death (ok well not death, but close), plane, executive director of casting for Universal, coma.

I will also quickly say, for the second time in two visits, I fell in love with NY. I don’t know how I turned into such a cityboy but the lights glaring off the windshields of overly aggressive cabbies and the sounds of sirens reverberating off the dirty bricks of old buildings really makes the city feel alive. The people are fun, the women are beautiful, and the bars never close. I have a feeling that a year in NY is definitely in my future.

Back to the burger. I took this trip a bit farther than normal (like I always end up doing) by approaching the BK lounge’s PR department via email. Unfortunately I received no response. Apparently they knew something I didn’t (that this trip and my subsequent blog may not be the best way to convince people to eat their food).

(Read Part 2 here!)

12 Responses to “My Pilgrimage from LA to NY to Eat the New York Pizza Burger (pt 1)”
  1. tsonoda148 says:

    Any person who books a 2400 mile plane trip in order to enjoy a “one of a kind” burger, is my kind of person. You are going to enjoy a helluva life, young man, as you follow your dreams and taste buds, and take no prisoners (ok maybe you took a few………I hope you took a few, and Blog about them in the near future!). Yea, you’re a youngun but you and I are kindred spirits, I believe, as I would have done exactly the same thing…………..and have! (I mean I’ve set my sights on something I wanted, and went for it…..many times). Loved the paragraph where you explain your whole trip in a several intriguing phrases.

    Good stuff, my blog friend. Looking forward to Part II. I am sending readers your way, hope that’s ok.

    • kluckmeister says:

      Thank you for your kind words! I am constantly inspired by your enthusiasum and go for it attitude and I remember it everytime I am faced with the opportunity to have a random and possibly fulfilling life experience. I’ve added a tweet button for your convenience.

  2. *bowing down* you’re awesome! couldn’t help but get caught on the ‘sex museum’ part though. i visited one in Amsterdam and it was hysterical! can’t wait for your next installment!

  3. tsonoda148 says:

    Just a suggestion, but if you added a Twitter button, folks could advertise your writing easier. I always send a tweet of your new posts, but have to cut and paste the URL. Adding a twitter button would help lazy people like me appreciate your posts even more.


  4. Moe says:

    Thanks for the name drop. I will keep an eye out for more fabulous eating adventures. Sounds like a fun trip! Onward to your next adventure-Atlanta?

  5. This is ridiculous, and also awesome! Keep it up!

  6. I’m waiting for the Pizza Blizzard at DQ 2012.

    They put cold pizza- and a cup together. Those are my two favorite things.

    I laugh at the common pizza burger ….it is so clique’ 🙂
    Good article Kluckmeister

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