A Letter to the Burger King

I am so far behind on posting the adventure of the Pizza Burger! As a teaser here is the email I sent to Burger King’s PR department a few weeks before I left.


Dear his majesty The King,

I have recently taken up comedic journalism as a hobby and am writing you about my interest in your NY Pizza Burger. It has been a recent passion of mine to be as adventurous as possible, especially with food. Since I moved to LA in August (after living in Colorado my entire life) I have sampled a multitude of food I've never tried including fried; snickers, frog legs, klondike bars, and oreos, as well as bacon-wrapped hot dogs and 50 piece McNuggets. I have recently began to write about my experiences in my blog (www.kluckit.wordpress.com see last two entries). After stumbling upon the release of this amazing food product I realized that it can only be had in NY. As a young professional living in Los Angeles, this was very disappointing. Luckily for me, my job has provided me with enough income (and motivation through boredom) to pusue random adventures like these. I have decided that I MUST fly to NY in pursuit of this edible achievement. I plan to fly out for an entire weekend and "do" new york and my adventures will culminate in the eating of the NY Pizza burger.

However, I want to clear a few things up before I plan my trip. A) How long will the NY Pizza Burger be in production? B) Where is your most unique location in NY? C) In honor of my thousand mile trip to clog my arteries with wonderous and amazing BK foods do you think you could swing a free NY Pizza Burger for me? I promise I will tell everyone I meet in NY to eat at BK! How's that for word-of-mouth marketing? (I know what you're thinking and yes I did go to business school)

Either way, I am eagerly anticipating my adventure and I hope that you are proud to know that your groundbreaking achievement in the industry is motivating me to fly across the entire country just to be a part of the movement.


Age 23
Food Enthusiast

5 Responses to “A Letter to the Burger King”
  1. tsonoda148 says:

    I am klucking speechless…….and a little impressed, I must say. Looking forward to hearing about your NY adventures soon!

    Happy BKing.


  2. I haven’t heard of Burger King selling NY Pizza burgers. (And i live in the NY metro area.) A general rule that New Yorkers abide by is to avoid anything that is called “New York Style” or anything along those lines.

  3. Melanie T says:

    i LOVE fried snickers and fried ice cream!

    you should try fried pickles … they’re really tasty 😉 although to be quite honest i ordered those at mimi’s cafe in greenville, lol

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